How Writers Enjoy More Freedom in the Fantasy Genre

Fantasy is a genre that gives writers the chance to break all the rules of the literary world. It sometimes becomes difficult to categorize this genre, as it seems to be everywhere. Regardless of people’s opinions, fantasy is truly a genre where writers can make anything happen. Perhaps, the only condition is that the stories must have a certain degree of plausibility and an intriguing plot.

Another common aspect of fantasy novels is that they’re written in the third person. This gives writers the ease to describe the imaginary world and multiple characters that they’ve created. Apparently, this has worked for many of the writers in the fantasy genre.

Having no restrictions

Many writers don’t like the restrictions that certain genres place on them. This would mean sticking to a certain type of writing. Fantasy frees a writer from all such things. This is why many consider it as the greatest form of fiction. If the author wants to transform a human into a pigeon, he can do it in this genre.

The writer can transform the world in any way that he or she wishes. One can understand this after reading book series such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. Such series also tend to portray the enemy as a supernatural being.

The endless opportunities to go weird

Authors who are in the fantasy genre have no limits when it comes to imagination. They can create any kind of world, no matter how weird it seems. It can be a world where animals can talk like humans or a place where trees can walk. Some might think that such a world doesn’t exist, or it is unusual or inappropriate.

The best example here would be the Game of Thrones series. The books in this series had some weird ways of taking lives. In the efforts to create such worlds, the authors must not get into a lot of details. Such information dumps can put off some readers and all the efforts of the author would yield no results.

Pushing the boundaries

There’s always room for a lot more epic fantasy series as long as there are authors with great imagination. In the coming years, more and more writers might try to push the limits in this genre that’s limitless. The opportunities would be immense for budding authors, especially those who want to self-publish their fantasy novels. They may go on to create new trends in the genre.

This will challenge the ways of fantasy books that are published the traditional way. Authors who are willing to explore the self-publishing space have the chance to be more adventurous. They can come up with more fascinating concepts without the publishers telling them that they won’t work. Of course, this has an element of risk for the author, but even traditional publishing doesn’t always guarantee success.

There have been many instances when the author tried to do something new and the book sales didn’t catch on. As a result, the author gave up writing entirely. So, it’s important that the author doesn’t give in to his or her ego when writing a fantasy series.