4 Book Series Worth Reading for Young Adults

There are some book series that were initially designed for children. However, when they released, they were enjoyed by all. Some were released without the writer having any idea or plans for a sequel. It emerged with the large volume of sales of the first book.

A few others were planned book series with idea of sequels already being formulated. Here, we present some of the immensely successful book series that are worth reading for young adults:

1. Harry Potter

There are seven novels in the Harry Potter series along with three companion books. The first in the series is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which released in 1997. The volume of book sales of the whole series was more than half a billion copies. According to money.com, the licensing, films, and books led to a franchise of over $25 billion.

This leaves no room for doubt that it is the world’s best-selling book series. Originally, these books were intended for kids, but the young as well as mature adults also loved them. Even today, these books make a good amount of money.

2. Perry Mason

Consisting of 82 novels, the Perry Mason series came from the author Erle Stanley Gardner. The last two books in the series were published in 1972 after his death. The first Perry Mason novel with the title The Case of the Velvet Claws came out in 1933. Through the main character of this series, the Americans got an idea about their criminal justice system.

They also came to know how it works. The book series also spawned a total of 270 episodes on television. Raymond Burr starred in them as Perry Mason. He also played this character in 30 television movies based on the series.

3. Goosebumps

Goosebumps created some controversy owing to the nature of its theme. The books in this series were horror stories for kids. A certain section of people didn’t like this concept. From 1992 to 1997, author R.L. Stine wrote 62 books in this series. Most of them made it to the best-seller lists, including The New York Times Best Seller lists.

The author also came up with many spin-off versions. There have been television series and films on the Goosebumps series. Translated in more than 30 languages, these books are also available in Mandarin and Hebrew.

4. Bloody Jack

This book series by author L.A. Meyer consists of twelve books. The first one with the title Bloody Jack came out in the year 2002. The main character in this book series is a girl with the name Jacky Faber. She hops aboard HMS Dolphin as a boy, thus realizing her dream of a life on the ship. With this, she says goodbye forever to the days of fighting for survival forever.

Before this, she had to undergo tremendous struggle on the streets of the 18th-century London. Jacky Faber eventually becomes a sailor who is skilled as well as respected. She uses all her wit, courage, and spirit to hide her identity from the crew. This makes her life on HMS Dolphin more adventurous.