A Glimpse of the Bloody Jack Series

The Bloody Jack series revolves around the character of an orphan named Mary Faber. This book series is the creation of L.A. Meyer and falls within the young adult historical genre. The setting of the series is 19th-century London. The series chronicles her life on the sea and beyond as this young heroine gradually progresses into her adulthood.

The series became extremely popular among many readers and comprised a total of 12 books. This book series originally came out on the 6th of June 2012. It gave readers a glimpse into the life of Mary Faber. Meyer had tried to present the book in a manner that was relatable as well as easily accessible. With the release of the first book, he was successful in reaching out to the young adult audience.

The plot

The series begins with Faber’s adventures on London’s mean streets. She is portrayed as a charismatic young girl who is forced to be on her own after being orphaned. As she has lost her parents because of the plague, she is no stranger to tragedy. Yet, she has a strong liking for adventure and riches. This makes her join a street gang.

When its leader is murdered, she puts on his clothes, cuts her hair, and poses as a young boy. She hides her ability to read, hops aboard the ‘HMS Dolphin’, and embarks on a sea voyage. As the ship pursues the deadly pirates, she adapts to the ways of the sea rather quickly. Faber also becomes quite good at fighting.

Soon, she becomes skilled as a sailor and manages to hide the fact that she is a girl. She kills a plunderer who attempts to murder one of the crew-mates after boarding the ship. This gets her the nickname ‘Bloody Jack’. She gains a lot of admiration and respect from her fellow crew-mates.

The only threat to this is her secret of being a girl. If the crew members come to know about this, her life on the ocean might come to an end.

A book series with strong morals

This series tells the tales of bravery and excitement at the sea. The story is like those traditional sea-faring tales, but it does extremely well in its narration. It raises the interest of readers in Faber, beginning from her life on the streets of 19th-century London. How she gets the title of ‘Bloody Jack’ is also narrated in a thrilling manner.

Despite her hidden secret, she is both respected and feared among the crew members. The book series will surely appeal to many of the young adults. One of the major reasons behind this is that it uses humor that’s sometimes has a darker tone. This has been one of the secrets behind its popularity for a long time.

Many female readers will find several things to relate to in the story’s strong female protagonist. In the middle of all the action and adventure, there’s a story with strong morals. They say a lot about loyalty and companionship. There are certain questions that would keep the readers hooked to this book series.

Will Faber ever reveal her true identity and be accepted for who she really is? Can she continue to live a life of excitement and adventure on the open seas? Well, you’ll have to read the series to find the answers to these questions.