Why Readers Love Fantasy Novels

Many readers would agree that fantasy novels carry a certain degree of glamour and charm. In recent times, this has become more apparent with the success of several book series in the fantasy genre. What make these books so appealing for a whole lot of readers are their magical worlds and memorable characters.

Fans have also gone to great lengths in showing their love for such stories. Who can forget those visuals of Harry Potter fans queuing up to grab their copy of the book? Besides this, many have also hoarded the merchandise following the popularity of this series.

If you were to look at this objectively, you’ll find no reason why it must have such widespread appeal. Even individuals above the age of 10 years are fascinated by such novels. You begin to wonder why is it that people who consider themselves as sensible adults love such elements. Here, we’ll try to get some answers.

An escape from the real world

Most of us tend to hate the real life because of the dark realities it’s filled with. So, once in a while, you need an escape from such a miserable world. One of the best ways to make this possible is by reading a fantasy novel. Although it is temporary and unreal, it takes you to some fascinating places that don’t exist in reality.

In addition to this, a good fantasy novel certainly has an intriguing plot. Mostly it’s about the eternal battle between the good and the evil. However, what keeps you interested in the story is everything that’s in the story. Among them are the demonic characters, the hero or heroes, and the magical worlds.

The human elements

Of course, many of the fantasy novels are larger than life. They’re more likely to follow the usual rhetoric of saving the world or humans from evil. Despite this, at the very core of these novels are the human elements. They depict the emotions, flaws, defeats, victories, and challenges of humanity in a profound way.

Although they have an apparent escapism, they also deal with pain, sacrifice, and tragedy even in an unreal setting. Moreover, they also make the readers go through all the emotions. This is why they relate to such books. As humans, we all go through so many emotions in our lives.

We also tend to make a lot of sacrifices for our dear ones. So, it’s comforting to know that the hero or heroes of the novel are going through the same struggles. All of this is packaged in an attractive little book of fantasy.

A ray of hope

Perhaps one of the biggest aspects of life that keeps us going is hope. This is what you’ll find in almost all the fantasy novels. In today’s times, there’s a lot of push towards perfection and mistakes are not usually tolerated. Fantasy novels makes us believe that even the best of individuals can make mistakes despite being considered perfect.

These books also teach you that making mistakes doesn’t put an end to everything. The hero or heroes still win, despite all their mistakes and odds. This is, in fact, a wonderful example of courage, hope, and resilience.