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L.A. Meyer Biography


Author is Interviewed by Series Narrator

Listen to Lively Chat with Katy Kellgren, narrator of the Listen & Live
Audio versions of the Bloody Jack series and author, L.A. Meyer.

The Birth of Jacky Faber, protagonist of Bloody Jack

When the host of a radio program plays a long string of early nineteenth century songs that feature young girls dressing up as boys and following their boyfriends out to sea, the most well known of these being Jackaroe and Cana-di-i-o, a new character was born.

Jacky Overall Time Line


Our Jacky has had a busy life in her 16 years. Here is a time line to help keep it straight. WARNING: Many spoilers for those who have not read all the books.

Arts & Charts & Ships and Such...

Learn the significance of graphics chosen by Lou Meyer to illustrate the life of Jacky Faber.

Songs Jacky Sings

The Jacky Faber series of books was inspired by British and Celtic folk music being played on the radio. It stands to reason that music would be a key element in Jacky's life. Click here to see our archive of Songs Sung by Jacky and Others!

UPDATE: Possible film of Bloody Jack and a Fan Made Trailer

A Bloody Jack movie? It’s possible... Check here for updates and a very well done fan-made trailer.