What Jacky's talking about when she says,"my riding habit."

When Jacky talks about her 'riding habit', this is what she means - a tight jacket up top and a long pleated dress below, with bonnet on head and boots on feet, designed initially for riding horses, but also worn in other venues. This is what Jacky is wearing when she goes on her ill-fated foray to meet Jaimy's mother in Chapter 2 of UJR.

"Cept the jacket I had on was a deeper maroon and my bonnet was in the Scots style, with a bit a tartan ribbon on the side. That rig looks like the one that my dear schoolmate Clarissa Worthington Howe wore back at the Lawson Peabody. In fact, it looks a little bit like that bi..."

Never mind, you. Get yourself back up in the rigging and leave this discussion to your betters. Anyway, this painting, which is in the Portland Museum of Art, portrays Lady Montrose, the wife of the last British governor of Boston. Note the grey powder put up in the hair of an upper class young woman as related by Jacky in that same Chapter Two. It was the style of the time. Notice also the military epaulettes which were something of a scandal back then. Lots of the Old Guard didn't like women wearing such a garment - the old 'cross-dressing' issue, even back then. With that profile and bearing Lady Montrose would been considered a rare beauty, but I, myself, picture Clarissa Howe more as a sixteen year-old Nicole Kidman doing a Scarlett O'Hara turn.