"Boston Jacky" Songs

Chapter 1 - Leave Her, Johnny, Leave Her. With ‘Jacky’ substituted for Johnny. By Coda.

Chapter 7 page 68 - Gaudeamus Igitur - Mario Lanza from ‘The Student Prince’

Chapter 16 - La Bamba – Richie Valens is still the best

Chapter 24 - ‘The Song of the Temperance Union’
Actually, these two are the same song, different verses.
page 163 – ‘Away, Away, With Rum by Gum’

Chapter 27 – ‘Come all ye Roving Minstrels’ - Fairport Conv.

Page 174 “The Lady in Red.” Very weak version, but it gives you the tune and was all I could find. If you find a better one, please let me know.

Chapter 32? – ‘Molly Malone’ There’s lots of them for this tune, of course. Here’s the Dubliners.

Page 199 ‘John Riley’ from Joan Baez