Jacky Overall Time Line


Oct. 2 — Jacky born


Summer Orphaned, turned out into London streets, joins Rooster Charlie Gang. Age 7


Mar. 25 — Treaty of Amiens - Peace between France and England. Lasts about a year.

Oct. 2 — Jacky turns 12. Rooster Charlie killed soon after. Jacky dons Charlie’s clothes, leaves gang, signs on to HMS Dolphin as ship’s boy. Dolphin sets sail, and, because there is no war with France, is sent to hunt pirates in the Mediterranean. Jacky learning seamanship, bonds with other ship’s boys. Begins falling in love one of them, James (Jaimy) Fletcher.


Feb. 20 — The Dolphin is successful in encounter with pirate, but ship’s boy Benjy killed. Crew visits Palma and then sets sail for the Caribbean.

Mar. 15 — Arrive Caribbean, begin patrolling in fruitless search for the Pirate Lefievre. Jacky reveals her female self to Jaimy.

May 18 — End of Peace of Amiens. France and England back at war, but Dolphin doesn’t know that yet.

July 10 — Visit Kingston, Jamaica. Jacky & Jaimy exchange eternal vows of love.

July 17 Back on the prowl - encounter pirate fleet - is victorious, but suffers severe damage. Dolphin grounded on desert island off coast of South America for repairs.

July 18 — Incident with kite. Jacky marooned on coast of South America. Awaits rescue, makes do as beachcomber.

July 30 — Dolphin comes to rescue, pirates plot ambush, Jacky hanged, revived, taken back to Dolphin, now revealed to all as girl.

Aug. 12 — Repairs complete. Sail to Boston. Aug. 28 Jacky put into Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls.

End of Bloody Jack
Beginning of Curse of the Blue Tattoo

Aug. 28 — Jacky meets other girls and gradually gets acclimated to the school. Makes friends with Amy Trevelyne. Discovers sad story of Janey Porter, supposed suicide.

Sept. 27 — Jacky jailed and demoted to chamber-maid. Is befriended by fellow serving girls. Begins sneaking out and performing in taverns. Meets and partners with fiddler and drunkard Gully MacFarland.

ng>Oct. 2 — Jacky turns 13.

Nov.-Dec — Visits Dovecote. Meets Randall Trevelyne. Spends Christmas with Amy.


Winter and early Spring — At school and Dovecote. Jacky reinstated as student. Haunts Reverend Mather. Rides Sheik to victory at Dovecote Downs. Gets drunk, disgraces self, runs off, is captured by Preacher’s men. Church and school burns down. Jacky runs away.

June 29 — Jacky signs on to the whaler Pequod.

End of Curse
Begin Under the Jolly Roger

Sept. — Jacky in London, not quite 14.... Mess up with Jaimy. On board Wolverine.

Oct. 2 — Turns 14. Meets Higgins

Nov. 3 — All happenings on board end up with Jacky taking the Emerald and heading off as a privateer for the fall of 04.Winters over in Waterford and London.


Spring and summer Privateering in Med and Caribbean.

Sept. 23 — Returns to coast of France.

Oct. 2 Jacky turns 15

Oct. 1 — Emerald is sunk and Jacky captured by Wolverine. Jacky and Jaimy reconciled.

Oct. 21 Battle of Trafalgar. Jacky escapes and heads back to Boston

End of Under the Jolly Roger
Begin Belly of the Bloodhound

Dec. 1 — Back at Lawson Peabody in hiding.Christmas at Dovecote.

1806 (Three books happen in 1806 - a busy year)

Jan.-May — Winter and early Spring at school

May 26 — Girls nabbed by slaver Bloodhound.

July 3 — This adventure ends - girls back to Boston in triumph. Jacky arrested by Captain of HMS Juno

End of Bloodhound
Begin Mississippi Jack

July 5 — Jacky freed from captivity on Juno. Runs to American wilderness. Journeys down Allegheny, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers.

Aug. — Early Arrives New Orleans.

A week later — Kingston - Goodbye, Jaimy

End of Mississippi Jack
Begin My Bonny Light Horseman

Aug X — On the Nancy B off southern U.S. on a molasses run to Caribbean. Captured by Captain Hannibal Hudson of HMS Dauntless

Date — Dauntless taken by French. Jacky in French prison. Wounded Jaimy is brought in.

Date — Guillotine Hoax, Jacky sprung, sort of.

Date — Back in London. Ordered to be a spy in Paris. Given rudimentary ballet lessons. Sees Jaimy

Date — Taken to France

As it has been questioned, here’s the Paris time-line, if someone strictly observes it:

  • Chap 21 - arrival in Paris. Thursday
  • Chap 22 - Meets Jean-Paul. Friday. Can’t be a Sunday because the stores are open and she buys stuff.
  • Chap 23 - Saturday. Reports to Madame Pelletier - Big show that night at la Gamines.
  • Chap 24 - Sunday - and this is the only chapter where the days of the week are mentioned - “Sunday, my day off.” and in the scene with De Groote’s servant girl Yvette, Jacky now instructs the girl to deliver her letter on Tuesday.
  • Chap 25 - Monday Night with the artillery officer
  • Chap 26 - Tuesday. Racetrack and explosive night with De Groote.

Yes, I realize this time is very compressed, but, since the day of the week is only mentioned twice, I don’t think the readers will notice or consider this rushed. I don’t think the kids will really get a sense of how short a time she has in Paris. And I don’t think they’d care. I mean, how many days do Rick and Ilsa have together in Casablanca? Three, four?

The time is compressed because of the need to get her on the road in time for the Battle of Jena which must take place on Oct 12. The constraints of History again - remember, these chapters take place in September and in early August she was still on the Mississippi.

Sept. X — Arrives at Encampment of Grand Army

Oct. 2 — Jacky turns 16

Oct. 12 — Battle of Jena Auerstadt

Late Oct. — Back in Paris. Rescued from beach by Higgins and Jaimy on Nancy B.

End of My Bonny Light Horseman
Begin Rapture of the Deep

Nov. 2 — Jacky about to be wed. Nabbed and sent back to Boston to prepare for diving on the Santa Magdalena.

Dec. 25 — Christmas on station off Key West in Nancy B.


Jan. 15 — In Havana.

Mar. 1 — Approx Mission accomplished - Back to Boston

End Rapture of the Deep
Begin Wake of the Lorelei Lee

Apr. 18 — Still in Boston, getting the Lorelei Lee ready to carry passengers.

May 30 — Back in London, nabbed yet again, tossed into Newgate, brought to trial, condemned, and sent to Hulks.

June 21 — Lorelei Lee sets sail for Australia.