A map of Boston in 1803, the year of her arrival

A Map of Boston, Massachusetts, as done by Osgood Carleton in 1803,
the year that Jacky Faber arrived in the New World

  1. Location of the Lawson Peabody School for Young Girls and Rev. Mather's church on Beacon Street
  2. The Common, an open meadowland
  3. Long Wharf, where the British ships docked
  4. The Courthouse and jail, with which Jacky is very familiar
  5. The bridge to Cambridge, location of Randall's college
  6. To Quincy and Dovecote Farm
  7. The beach where Jacky lands the Morning Star on her return to America
  8. Location of the Pig&Whistle tavern, on State Street, around the corner from Ezra Pickering's office Missus Bodeen's Sporting House