Tunes for Belly of the Bloodhound

Page 26

  • “Matty Groves” The absolute very best version of this song for all time by Fairport Convention and the late and very much lamented Sandy Denny

Page 29

  • “Cape Cod Girls” Just a fragment here. Check out the full scale production below in Lorelei Lee, by Baby Gramps well worth the visit.

Page 29

  • “The Parting Glass.” One of our favorites, but noted above under Curse of the Blue Tattoo and below under Lorelei Lee.

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Page 87

  • “The Hunt Quartet” by Mozart. The piece the Lawson Peabody String Quartet was working on just before their abduction. Jacky plays Second Fiddle. This performance by Quatour Mosaiques

Page 132

  • “Bonny Jean” It’s a great song by somebody, but, sorry, drew a blank on this one. Will keep trying to find a version.

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Page 437

  • “Venite ad me Omnes” by Anerio. Sorry, could not find a good choral rendition.

Page 457

  • “Adeste Fidelis” Yes, you all know this, but here it is, anyway. By the Kelly Family... And if you thought our own Justin Bieber and his hair was a bit over the top, get a load of this kid

Page 462

  • “Dona Nobis Pacem” This simple version seems to fit with our text. Yes, we know it’s out of sync, but it’s still sweet.

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That’s it for the Bloodhound.