Tunes for Under the Jolly Roger

Surprisingly, not too many tunes for this title, considering it’s rollicking nature. Oh, well, here they are:

Page 13

  • “Bonny Ship the Diamond” By the Banshee Celtic Band. We like this version ‘cause it’s got a girl playing the fiddle like Jacky would play it. Got a pennywhistle, too

Page 149

Page 343

Page 345

Page 432

  • “Roll me Over in the Clover” Every kid’s favorite camp song – when the counselors aren’t around. This by a trio of kids in a camp... Or a dorm room... ? Great fun
  • And this one is obviously from a Renaissance Fair somewhere in this land. You know, a lot of people disparage these fairs, but I always liked them – a chance to dress up and be silly, and gives summer employment to our actor kids.

That’s it for Under the Jolly Roger.